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13 July 2014

5 Rules to Creating a Successful E-commerce Site

Posted by Sachin Yadav
Selling online has never been easier. If you don't do the following, you're leaving money on the table.

Create a Business Plan

Like any other business, you must have a plan if you want to run an e-commerce site. Without a plan, you lack direction. And without direction, it's impossible to create a strategy or know when you're off-track. Give the same thought to your business concept/plan as you would if you were starting a brick-and-mortar operation. This includes following the laws of incorporation and filing in your state.
If creating a business plan seems difficult, get an MBA online. This will help you in two ways. It provides you with the business knowledge you need to run a successful e-commerce site and builds your professional network. Should you find yourself requiring additional funds or investment in the future, you'll be better positioned to obtain them.

Establish a Website

You can't have an e-commerce platform without a website. Hire it out; create your own with a site like WordPress and an e-commerce plug-in; or code your own from scratch. Depending on what you're selling and the needs of your business, a WordPress site will probably suffice. There's no need to take on the added cost of creating something that already exists. There are many WordPress themes designed for e-commerce.

Design for User Experience

No one will buy from a website that's hard to understand, difficult to navigate, and slow to load. Even Google factors in site load time as part of its search algorithm so make sure your site loads quickly.

A responsive design will also keep shoppers happy regardless of what device they're on. According to a recent Google study, 65 percent of online shopping starts on a smartphone. If your website doesn't have a responsive design, you're losing customers.

A smooth checkout experience is also essential. Be up front about shipping costs as it's the number-one reason shoppers abandon their online carts. Ask only for the information you need to process the sale. This means clean, easy-to-understand pages; minimal amounts of clicks to check-out; and no unnecessary distractions. Allow for guest check-outs instead of forcing customers to register on your site.
Use Social Proof on Your Products Page

Social proof and reviews are necessities on an e-commerce site. They drive sales by increasing confidence and creating trust in you and your products. Encourage customers to tell their friends about their purchases and ask for product reviews if you don't find them occurring organically. Reviews and social posts drive traffic, increase time on page, and expose you to a new audience.

Invest in Marketing

Social shares are one way to improve your reach, but additional marketing is required as well. Highlighting new products, working on your SEO, and providing product demonstrations, how-to content, and "also boughts" (suggestions for customers based on the item they're viewing) will increase your audience and sales.

Finally, a note about Internet security. Recently, many online shopping retailers have had their customer data compromised. Don't let this happen to your site. A successful e-commerce site can be ruined overnight by a hacker so safeguard against this possibility.

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10 July 2014

Exclusive interview of Rohan Bhargava:Co-Founder of

Posted by Sachin Yadav

Hello readers, today with me are Rohan Bhargava who is co-founder of Let know more about Rohan Bhargava and what is

Hello Rohan, Thanks a lot for showing your interest in sharing your knowledge and experience with us via this Informative interview. I hope you will also enjoy this interview as much as our readers. I'll ask you questions related to the Business and your Startup journey of your company
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5 Apps for the Traveling Business Man to Stay Connected

Posted by Sachin Yadav

Business trips aren't the fantasy most people think about. You're not on vacation, touring the sites; you're there to work hard to impress your clients and get your work done.

Traveling for business is stressful on so many levels — you have to find your way around a new city, sleep in unfamiliar places, be at the top of your game 24/7, and have less contact with family and friends back at home
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22 June 2014

Founder of Mobikwik :Bipin Preet Singh

Posted by Sachin Yadav

As we all know the easier the access to our work, the better is the completion of daily tasks and the better is the place we see ourselves. This same applies to Mobikwik. Whether it is online mobile recharge or it is DTH recharges or whether it is payment bills, this platform has it all at once with ease. Giving the liberty to your work, this wallet helps you with all.
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The Ultimate Video Converter From Wondershare

Posted by Sachin Yadav
Life is running fast and so do technology. The usage of smart world tools is nothing new in the present scenario. All what we want is just few clicks away from our reach. The technology isn't only making things easy rather it is giving us a broad way to capture life in an easy way. It is giving plethora of options to make it easy. The same thing holds about the product which is going to be highlighted next to eyes now.
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8 June 2014

Vinod Khosla is Founder of Sun Microsystems

Posted by Sachin Yadav
vinod khosla quotes
Initially beginning the journey with selling computers and computers components, together with burning the crucial phase at software development, sun Microsystems is responsible for the upbringing of Java language.
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1 June 2014

Andy Rubin is the Founder of Android

Posted by Sachin Yadav
founder of android

We simply know, the apps we use today in our smart phones are cheap and tidy. Easy to use and best to choose, but whose hand is there right beside to make it reach millions of people all together today. We are surely talking about “Android” and the man of the hour is Andrew E. Andy Rubin.
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18 May 2014

Founder Of HCL:Shiva Nadar

Posted by Sachin Yadav

founder of hcl

Everybody has heard the name -HCL from various niches across them. It is a named which has good terms being a global technology and IT enterprise firm which operates across 31 countries. It is standing profoundly with headquarters in Noida, India.
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7 May 2014

Win iPhone 5S with Your Broken Phone Story

Posted by Sachin Yadav
broken iphone story

If you are just going to take a new iPhone 5S home, you will be happy to see this post. Now you can tell people your broken phone story and win a new iPhone 5S, enter the contest
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26 April 2014

Founder of SAP AG : Hasso Plattner

Posted by Sachin Yadav

Everyone knows the firm which is giving a new dimension to software service and its related revenue is SAP. It is the world's leader in enterprise applications in terms of software. It also conveys to be the world’s third largest software manufacturer based on market capitalization.
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