7 Highest Paid Indian Employees in Google


It may shock you but the top people who are recognized for their work and dedication in the Google are Indians. This article enlists the names of all the great minds that made up to the top most positions in Google and discuss some points of their life and achievements.So keep reading and get motivated from the Indians who brought laurels and glory to our country.
Meet with Highest Paid Indian Employees :…
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[HD]Free Download Facebook Meme or Comment Photo


Meme is short for greek word mimeme which means imitated thing.Richard dawkins defined meme in his book “The selfish gene”.Mainly meme are used to explain the way culture information spreads.Now days These type of meme widely used in fb.You can also read most interesting fact about facebook founder :Mark Zuckerberg.
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How To Block Facebook using Hostfile


If you wanna block Facebook then modify the host file is vary easy and cool tricks.Because block fb using software is little frustrating .
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Who Invented Technology For Us and why !!!


Hello guys i am not tell you about the famous superstars like James Cameron,Salman Khan,Johnny Depp,Aamir Khan,Shahrukh Khan,Oprah Winfrey,Madonna,Lady Gaga but to the real superstar.

Who devoted their life to technology so that we can enjoy it.They made the gadget ,software,application,technology and so many things that help us in every day life but we don’t know about them.

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Enhance Your Project Planning with Wrike


Are you looking for project management software? Do you want to improve collaboration within your team? If yes, then you should give Wrike a try. Wrike is a useful and powerful tool to improve your team collaboration and enhance your overall project planning and success.Wrike’s tools for project management give you full visibility and control over your tasks.
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How To Record A Phone Call on Android Without Beep!


There are plenty of Android applications available in Google Play store for Recording any phone call but only few of them are quite good to solve your problem and most apps are free of charge and simple User interface so that everyone can easily
understand and use.
Now i am reviewing Almost 5 best application which Best for Phone call recording in Andriod Apps.
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Founder of WordPress:Matt Mullenmeg


Story of the Youngest Face that Change the Face of the Web is Matt Mullenmeg.The most popular web blogging tool name WordPress used by around 60 million websites around the world was invented by a boy who was just nineteen pursuing philosophy and political science, that says a lot about how much he deserves the pedestal where he stands today.

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Top 4 Best Deal on HCL Tablets ME Series

HCL ME Connect 3G 2.0
Tablets’ can certainly be considered a boon for our times. With the sizes they come in, they are quite handy to carry around. HCL, a popular brand in this segment, has come up with many tablets to cater to the needs of the people. Following are the HCL tab prices along with their technical specifications:-

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How to Increase C Drive Space using EaseUs Partition Master


EaseUs is known for providing users with some of the best utility software as well as tools that has made life a lot easier than it was earlier. Have you ever been in situations when the space in your C Drive is insufficient for storing your files and media? If yes, then Partition Master from EaseUs is definitely the perfect software for you.

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