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25 February 2015

How To Make Pendrive Bootable for Windows 7

Posted by Sachin Yadav

We all know how to install window using optical drive but sometime a situation came when our optical drive is not working.then if think is there any other way to install window?????yes there is way using pen drive but not every motherboard support booting from USB
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19 February 2015

How write in Hindi Using Hindi Typing Software By Google

Posted by Sachin Yadav
English is become the 1st choice of language over the internet because only english language alphabet is available but don't worry google makes it easy to type in the any language you want....with installation simple tool called Google IMI tool.
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How To Copy When Right Click IS Disabled in Website

Posted by Sachin Yadav

Ctrnl c and Ctrl v is most useful key among all other but Always copy paste not apply to all website then frustration came.Now i will try to reduce your frustration Upto 0%.Mostly website disable the right click using Programming code Written in Javascript language.
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How To Hide Text Messages inside Any Images !

Posted by Sachin Yadav 7 Comments

Hide a Secret Message in any digital picture

Steganography is first technique used in ancient time for hiding the some secret message behind picture because at that time there is no computer and no encryption algorithm were invented but information must be send from one place to other.
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18 February 2015

Enhance Your Shopping Experience With Valuable Online Tips

Posted by Sachin Yadav

Online shopping is becoming popular nowadays for several reasons. It is considered to be a useful and helpful way of purchasing product online during the clearance and holiday’s seasons. Online shopping provides many benefits, which we cannot see in the offline shopping
Online shopping is the gesture of the future. Today’s hectic lifestyles and increasing gas cost is also the main reason behind the popularity of online shopping. Shopping online is available for 24 hours without any break or holidays and there are several online shopping malls which offer rebates to merchants and shops and also provide free shipping.
You can buy everything online from designer jeans to handbags, pet supplies, toiletries and repair parts and even accessories for your car. Speed, low price and convenience are some of the greatest benefits that we get at the time of online shopping. Online shopping sites are getting popularity and providing more features which we cannot acquire by visiting shopping malls.

Several Benefits of Online shopping.

Online shopping also help in avoiding the irritation of looking for parking vehicles. It can save your valuable time because you don’t have to visit any mall for the shopping purpose. You will get everything in your home with the help of online shopping sites. This online shopping can also give you global premium brands access which entitles you to bigger discounts, better deals and high reward points.

You can visit for the latest discount coupons and offers which can help you in saving money.

So what you really want for online shopping?

Only a credit card! Your credit card enables you to shop from anywhere through shopping online. There are various credit card companies such as ICICI, HDFC and City Bank, which have special deals for all your online purchases. These kinds of offers motivates people to do more online shopping as there would be a gratification sense for the customer in gift terms he can receive. At the time of buying things from the Internet, make sure your online purchases are completely safe.

Here are some of the following online shopping valuable tips which would help you in many ways.
  • The first thing which you should do is to verify properly the website URL with the address bar of the Internet browser. It would help you against phishing.
  • Always prefer reliable and trustworthy online shopping sites. Make sure the site is reputable and well- established. You should not go for the new shopping sites as you wouldn’t familiar with it.
  • Don’t type any kind of sensitive information such as your CVV, credit card number and various other vital details in pop- up windows.
  • You should sign up for services like ‘Master Card Secure Code’ or ‘Verified by Visa’ before online shopping with the credit card. It would give you a safe shopping experience and you don’t have to worry about your security anymore.
  • Make sure the webpage URL where you are putting your credit card details start with ‘https’ and not ‘http’. It shows that is a reliable and secure website. If webpage URL is showing ‘http’, then you should better leave the website without any second thought as it wouldn’t be a good decision to go for.
  • Never forget to take printouts of the purchase confirmation screen or not down relevant transaction Ids for the purpose of future reference.
  • Before entering sensitive information, make sure that the webpage has a key icon or closed padlock on it or not.

As you can see, shopping online is a great way to buy all the useful products from the comfort of your home. You should be careful and alert for the smart online shopping. There are many famous and reputable online shopping sites which provide so many benefits to their customers and also tons of prizes to some lucky people.

If you are registering or already registered at sites like, and, then you would get instantly notifications and alerts when any new product is coming up. The Snapdeal offers various types of branded products at an affordable price. So, you will have the choice of selecting your product among different products at the best available offers and price. You can get discount from Snapdeal for all your purchases and also sometime 50% cashback easily. So, try this site now and also to get the best discount coupons and deals which would be perfect for you.

Now you are fully aware of the handy and smart online shopping tips to ensure that you have a pleasant and safe shopping experience.
Do shopping safely and smartly!
Happy shopping!

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How To Change Start Button Name in Window Xp, 7 and 8

Posted by Sachin Yadav

Microsoft is leader in the operating system market.Have you ever think about to change the name of start button if yes then read this post HELLO friends today i want to tell you how we can change the name of start in window Xp
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11 February 2015

20 Hilarious Jokes About the Recent AAP Victory

Posted by Sachin Yadav

Aam Aadmi Party win the Delhi Elections 2015 with 67 seats out of 70.Modi factor not work this time. Only 3 seat for BJP and congress not even open his account. After this wonderful AAP victory joke are going viral related to all party. Below the collection of Joke on AAp and another party.
aap victory joke

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2 February 2015

Different Types of SEO Activity in 2015

Posted by Sachin Yadav

If you are trying to improve rankings for your Vancovour business website in the big search engines like Google, you might want to consider outsourcing to SEO services in Vancovour.
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30 January 2015

How To Remove Write Protection From Pendrive Or USB

Posted by Sachin Yadav 9 Comments

Remove write protection from usb

Sometimes, pen drives or memory cards get Write-Protected,i.e.You can’t copy the info within the drive unless you Remove the write-protection of the drive or card.Write-protection could have enabled attributable to any virus gift on your system that will have corrupted the register files.
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27 January 2015

In Short Story of Punjab Engineering College

Posted by Sachin Yadav

The former Punjab Engineering College has become PEC University and it is situated in Chandigarh (U.T). It is one of the top institutions for engineering in India and highly reputable. The process of admission in the PEC University is based on GATE bases for masters and AIEEE bases for bachelors.
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Updated List of Top Colleges in DU- a peek

Posted by Sachin Yadav

The Delhi University (DU) was established in 1922 in India. In 1922, there are total three colleges in Delhi, the Hindu College founded in 1889, St. Stephens College which was founded in 1881 and the Ramjas College was founded in 1917.
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Online education portal Collegedunia has reached $150k in angel funding

Posted by Sachin Yadav

As we all know about the booming education sector in India with talented students across the country. They are very serious when it comes to select prospective college and competitive exams details.
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21 January 2015

Kevin Mitnick is the Best Hacker in the World Read Why??

Posted by Sachin Yadav

There are many who have earned fame, amassed wealth and have become immortal in the minds and imagination of millions of people - with their path breaking,“out of the box” and awe-inspiring contribution to the ever changing world of information technology - all for the good.
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