How To Block Facebook using Hostfile

If you wanna block Facebook then modify the host file is vary easy and cool tricks.Because block fb using software is little frustrating .

in window and other operating system use there mini-name server for themselves so that they check their own dns record(domain name server is like converting the domain name (example : Google) into there respected ip address)before asking a name server on the internet.

What is Hosts file

  • The hosts file is a simple list of host names and their corresponding IP addresses
  • your computer looks at every time you try and contact a previously unknown host name
  • If it finds an entry for the computer you’re trying to reach, it sets the IP address for that computer to be whatever in the hosts file.

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Location of host file is same in every version of microsoft XP,vista,7,8

How To Block Facebook

In Window 8 :You have to open notepad with administrator

How To Block Facebook

Now open the host file location in notepad

How To Block Facebook

Now write the website name after example

How To Block Facebook

Save this and Restart your system

For Unblock the website from your host then simply delete all the website which are listed after this and save the file and restart your system.Same procedure is repeat in window 7 and xpTry it yourself and tell me about your experience using comment.Question are most welcome every time
  • Anonymous

    cool trick

  • bally james

    thank for this

  • Sachin yadav

    thanks to u for reading my blog
    keep visiting for latest tricks

  • Bradley cooper

    nice one

  • lau

    It did not do a thing for me your procedure. Is it possible that I am doing something wrong? The annonying FB continues to pop at any time.

  • Sachin Yadav

    try to block some other website in place of facebook write any other website
    then tell me it work for me or not??
    one more thing which window you use

  • Sarah Lee

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    forever @

  • Sachin yadav

    how to unblock :/
    once it is blocked it cant be unblocked…the given method for unblocking is not working..

  • Sachin yadav

    if you want to unblock then simply remove the edit code { facebook} in host file
    then restart your system
    hope it works

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